Downtown York's Food Truck Debate

Photographer: Mollie Swartz

It’s no secret that food trucks are on the rise. These mobile food operations are whipping up everything from pork barbecue and gyros to cupcakes. They are stationed outside bars and music venues catering to the late-night crowd; at festivals and community events; and, in some cases, simply setting up shop parked on the road with a stack of quarters for the meter.

Events like Foodstruck in York has helped put food trucks on the proverbial map, and in some instances brick and mortar restaurants have traded their walls for wheels. On the other hand, businesses like Lancaster’s Baron Von Schwein have gained such acclaim in the food truck circuit that they have made the move to open up a permanent location (Baron Von Schwein is set to open its new downtown York eatery later this week). All good things, right?

But an article in Sunday’s York Daily Record brings an interesting angle to the table – do food trucks hurt the restaurant business? According to some downtown spots, they do. Now, city council is relying on a committee comprised of food truck proponents, those opposed to food trucks and city officials to revise the city’s mobile food regulations.

So what do you think? Are food trucks an obstruction to a brick-and-mortar restaurant? Or do they help attract people downtown and therefore benefit the existing bar and restaurant community?

Read the full article at, and leave us your comments below!


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