Down in Front! takes a bite out of "The Apple"

Imagine that your entire world was a giant semi-Biblical morality play filled with couture that puts Lady Gaga to shame and incredibly elaborate musical numbers that would remind you of Grease, if not for the weird chrome headpieces.

And you thought your week was surreal.

Tonight at Midtown Cinema, the folks of Down In Front! are entering the battle of good and evil… movies, anyway. They’re taking on the 1980 box office bomb “The Apple.” Set in the dystopic haze of a 1994 that never was, “The Apple” follows two young performers, Alphie and Bibi, as they try to navigate this strange new world. Following a proto-Eurovision kind of competition, the couple are ensnared in the devious clutches of music mogul Mr. Boogalow. They find success, temptation, drugs, and some of the truly weirdest costumes ever to mar grace the silver screen. You’ve really got to see it to believe it, but here’s the official preview.

Is it so bad it’s good? So bad it transcends being good and just goes straight to terrible? A diamond in the rough? You decide! Curtain’s at 9:30 p.m. and tickets are $5. Get there a little early to grab a Zeroday (or three) from next door.

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