Down in Front! goes mano a mano with "Manos"

If a movie has a whopping one star on IMDb and critics calling it “the worst movie ever made,” you know you’re in for it. What exactly it is – a good time? utter confusion? a Lovecraftian sense of horror at the infinite creativity and incompetency of the human mind? – well, that’s up for debate.

At 9:30 p.m. on this lovely evening of October 9 at Midtown Cinema, comedy troupe Down in Front! is facing off against the cult classic “Manos: The Hands of Fate.” This rock-bottom budget horror movie features a family on a road trip that end up lost in Texas – and that’s just the premise. The family ends up trapped in a lodge with a polygamous cult that worships a mysterious deity known only as “Manos,” whose preferred offering is… well, human hands. No official trailer appears to exist on the world wide web, but there are slews of fanmade trailers that truly do the out-of-synch, nearly plotless wonder, evidently costumed by a high school chorus’s castoffs. Here’s one:

This must-see for terrible horror movie mavens is $5… plus the cost of whatever beer you might pick up next door at Zeroday.

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