Down in Front! gets "Scared to Death"

The Down in Front! comedy troupe regularly takes on films that are downright frightening by sheer virtue of how bad they are – but, in the spirit of the season, this time, they’re taking on a film that’s intentionally billed as scary.

Tonight, October 23, at Midtown Cinema, they’ll be facing off against Bela Lugosi’s only film that survives in color form – “Scared to Death.” This particular film features a woman who narrates her own demise from beyond the grave. Laura, a beautiful young woman, is being kept against her will under treatment in a private sanatorium – which her father-in-law owns and operates. With magicians (one played by Bela Lugosi himself), weird maids, and absurd plot devices, the viewer finds out how Laura was – well, scared to death:

Interested? The film reel rolls at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $5.

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