Dischord Records uploads entire discography to Bandcamp

If you know even a smidgen of knowledge about punk rock of the 20th century, you know Dischord Records. Founded in 1980 by Teen Idles/Minor Threat/Fugazi/Evens/every band ever member Ian Mackaye, the label thrived through the 80s and 90s continually releasing some of the best music around. The label’s inroads with the technology age have been slow but important with every step. Five years ago, the label announced the Fugazi Live Series, which is now an almost-complete searchable repository for over 800 Fugazi shows.

Today, Dischord announced that their entire discography is now available on Bandcamp for listening and downloading. Each release is priced differently, but they’re all free to listen. That means classics like Rites of Spring’s “End on End,” Government Issue’s “Legless Bull” and the almost-perfect “Flex Your Head” compilation are just waiting there to be discovered by a new generation of D.I.Y. punks. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Check out some #choicecuts below:


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