Dirty Fences (and more) takes on the MakeSpace

From the punk-rock primordial ooze rises an unexpectedly sweet band. Dirty Fences, based in the Big Apple, recently released their full-length album “Full Tramp,” and it’s a pretty solid representation of what they stand for: hyperdistilled 70s-style old school irreverence with an upbeat twist in tune form. (They’re so committed to the music, they also look like they’re direct from the streets of Brooklyn circa 1973. #aesthetic) Check out their recent single, “These Freaks,” off that new album:

They’re playing tonight at The MakeSpace with a couple of other bands backing them up. Dallastown-based punk rock duo The Thing With Two Heads will be throwing down some pure punk vibes. Catch ’em while you can – they’re about to take off on a seven-date European tour spanning Athens to Amsterdam. High Heels, a Lancaster-based band, will also be rocking out with their comrades. Tickets are $8, and the show (fittingly) starts at 8 p.m.

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