Dining: Jake’s Wayback Burgers

Photographer: Emily Mallis

Big burgers and 1950s nostalgia.


JakesWayback_0714_013Someone needs to call Adam Richman from Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food.”

He’s tackled his share of big meals, but you have to wonder how he would take on the Triple Triple Burger at the Mechanicsburg branch of Jake’s Wayback Burgers – the ’50s nostalgia chain that opened in February in the Gateway Square Shopping Center.

The Triple Triple is stacked with nine burger patties and nine slices of cheese (that’s three burgers to the second burger power, for all you math geeks). You can get lettuce and tomato on it, but manager Will Taylor says some choose to customize it by asking for barbecue sauce. At $14.99, the King Kong of burgers is at the top of the list. But most menu items at Jake’s range between $4-$8.

The menu at this popular nationwide chain is pretty straightforward: burgers, hot dogs, salads and shakes. If it sounds like your classic ’50s burger joint, that’s because that’s exactly what Jake’s is going for. The concept has made Jake’s, which started in Newark, DE, in 1991, a fast-growing franchise. Nostalgia rules, but chances are nobody in the Eisenhower-era ever took to downing a Triple Triple.

According to Taylor, two of the restaurant’s most popular choices are the Wayback Classic cheeseburger (two patties, American cheese and choice of toppings) and the Jake’s Way (ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato). Another popular option is the Cheesy Burger (two patties, four slices of American cheese and a butter-grilled bun).

JakesWayback_0714_086The menu also offers an array of hot dogs, as well as Irish Nachos – house-made chips, home style chili, cheddar, jack cheese, jalapeños and onions. What that recipe has to do with Ireland is anybody’s guess, but for just $4.99 you can see for yourself.

No burger-and-dog joint would be complete without milkshakes, and Jake’s has them in all the flavors you grew up with, as well as featured rotating shakes as part of the restaurant’s “Milkshake of the Month” program. A recent choice was a Salted Caramel Milkshake, which is certainly something nobody on Happy Days drank but sounds good. Sodas are fountain-style, and there is a kid’s menu as well.

Jake’s might be a chain, but its burger patties are never frozen. Veggie burgers are also available (with cucumber and honey mustard), which is pretty much the polar opposite of the Triple Triple. But everybody is welcome at Jake’s Wayback Burgers,
and that’s the idea.


• 25 Gateway Drive, Mechanicsburg; 795-4325
• Daily, 10:30 a.m.- 9 p.m.


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