Dining: Chiko Chiko’s

Photographer: Emily Mallis

¡Muy delicioso!


ChikoschikosMexican0714_MALLIS010Authenticity is the name of the game at Chiko Chiko’s. In fact, many of the Mexican restaurant’s ingredients are imported directly from Mexico.

The resaturant’s manager, Christobal Solis, knows what he’s doing when it comes to Mexican food. “My family and I already had some restaurants in Mexico,” he says, “so we decided to try to open one in the United States.”

Solis says his family purchased the location – a former taco shop – from a friend; that restaurant closed in 2012, and Chiko Chiko’s opened in March of this year. It hasn’t taken long to regain a customer base at the location, and some renovations freshened up the Chiko Chiko’s decor.

Solis, a resident of Harrisburg for almost four decades, explains that the option to open the location was largely a matter of necessity, “We wanted somewhere that was a high-traffic location,” he says.

Standard Mexican fare like tacos, burritos and nachos are available. But despite the name, Chiko Chiko’s offers more than just Mexican cuisine. The menu also includes Cuban sandwiches and American fare like hot dogs and french fries as well as breakfast items.

If the food isn’t enough to tempt you, the prices certainly will. Solis, a retired employee at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, is mindful of prices. “We try to have lower prices than a lot of other places,” he explains. “It’s a bad economy right now, and people don’t have as much money, so we have the $5.99 deals.” Nearly all the items on the menu are just $5.99 – from tacos to sopes – on Tuesdays through Fridays from 11 a.m-3 p.m.

And ultimately the menu is all about authenticity. “We keep everything authentic to give you the opportunity to try real Latin American food for yourself,” says Solis. “Customers sometimes say, ‘This tastes the same as I had in Mexico.’”


• 2810 Paxton Street, Harrisburg; 525-8989
• Daily, 6 a.m.-7 p.m.



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