Day 4: This springtime weather...

31 Days of Decks in Central PA

Day 4


After this weekend’s weather, the unavoidable skeptic in us can’t help but wonder when the snow’s going to start falling. Something’s got to give, right? Sort of.

Although Tuesday’s forecast is looking a bit soggy, the rest of the week is just begging for you to get outside, whether it be an al fresco business lunch, casual happy hour (the kind where you throw on the sunglasses and roll up your shirt sleeves and decompress from a hard day’s work) or relaxing dinner under the stars.

And if our mastery of the calendar, coupled with our mastery of the Google search, is to be trusted (it is), then we have it on good authority that tomorrow is an historically awesome day to enjoy a certain refreshing, sweet, tequila-infused cocktail under the sun. Weather forecast be damned – we’re holding out for a break to the showers just in time for happy hour. Maybe, if we all order a tequila sunrise at the same time, Mother Nature will get the hint…


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