Day 13: Fly's annual guide to al fresco dining (& drinking)

31 Days of Decks in Central PA

Day 13


Remember when it snowed a lot this past winter? Yeah, that sucked. If you’re like us, you probably thought to yourself with each thrust of the shovel, “Why can’t it just be summer already?” (And if you’re really like us, there were probably a few expletives peppered in there, too…) Well it isn’t summer quite yet, but, darn it, it’s close enough, meaning it’s time to put your money where your inner dialogue was and get you outside!

As in years past, we’ve done our due diligence in calling up every bar and restaurant in the region with a deck, patio, rooftop, biergarten, sidewalk seating – anything that allows you to eat and drink under the sun, moon and stars. Make sure you check out our lists for the Lancaster, York and the Harrisburg/Hershey regions as you plan your al fresco adventures this month and all summer long…


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