Day 11: A seat with a view...of the Susquehanna

31 Days of Decks in Central PA

Day 11


For as many differences and unique identities each of our publishing markets have – York and Lancaster counties and the Harrisburg region, that is – there is one through-line that we all share: the Susquehanna River.

While the region’s boaters, fishing community and water sports enthusiasts have long made use of its waters, those of us who enjoy a more sedentary life – one that involves happy hour, appetizers, shade from the sun and frozen drinks with little umbrellas in them – have also long made use of the river. Primarily – we look at it. And we smile, because it’s calming and endorphin-arousing to look at large masses of water while you eat, drink and relax.

From Wrightsville to Wormleysburg, East Shore Harrisburg to Marietta, there are plenty of bars and restaurants offering some riverside respite. And for that, we are thankful.

Yes, this is about a bay, but it still expresses how we’re feeling:


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