David's Outlook is hosting Folk Punk Fest tonight

The genre of “folk punk” is somewhat hard to categorize. Webster’s Dictionary defines it…just kidding! Folk punk is far too regular punk for Webster’s Dictionary. Despite the differences in bands, the genre boils down to transferring everything that comes with a punk ethos into an acoustic setting. For reference, the first few albums of AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad) sum up the sentiment well in songs like “Personal Space Invader” and “Growing Up.”

Hanover’s David’s Outlook is known for affordable clothes, Magic the Gathering tournaments and consistently putting on shows for local bands. Now, hopefully, they’ll also be known for an annual folk punk fest, the first of which is tonight. Fly favorites Local News Legend and Apes of the State are on the bill, as well as other locals Pale Moon, Pale Witch, It’s Chris, and Tedd Hazard. Rounding out the bill are touring acts from North Carolina, New York and Virginia – Cat Thumbs, Ankle Grease and Jack David, respectively.

The fest kicks off at 5 p.m. at David’s Outlook, 228 E. Chestnut St. in Hanover. Entrance fee is $6 and it’s BYOB for all those teens that are 21+. For more info, check out the Facebook event page here.

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