Craft News: PA breweries now permitted to sell on-premises

H/T to our friends at Barrels & Barristers – a great blog maintained by Harrisburg law firm Shumaker Williams covering the state’s craft beer and alcohol licensing laws (with, we might add, as little legal jargon as possible!) – for the scoop here.


Say what you will about the PA Liquor Control Board, but every once in a while, the state’s booze law enforcer makes a decision that benefits the alcohol producers and consumers here in Pennsylvania.

Take, for example, the law that is set to be enacted tomorrow that will allow the state’s breweries to sell their products on-site. If you’re thinking this is nothing new since you’ve visited a brewery like Tröegs or Lancaster Brewing Co. and purchased a pint at the bar, you’re not totally wrong. Up until now, the PLCB has required these bars and tasting rooms to meet the criteria that any other bar or restaurant must meet – specifically, to purchase either a full-on liquor license or a brewpub license. With the new regulation, however, breweries will no longer be required to buy a license, saving start-up breweries a lot of cash in the process.

This is still developing, so the best we can say at this point is to give Barrels & Barristers’ Twitter account a follow and wait for them to sift through the legalese and explain it all in everyday language. You can start with this post from January that sets the stage for the recent decision.


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