Countdown to Halloween: 5 ways to prepare for All Hallow's Eve

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Throughout the course of Fly Magazine’s 21+ year existence, the October issue has always been one of the most fun to create – most notably, the cover. They have ranged from silly to weird to downright deranged as we’ve paraded zombies, ghouls and even chicken wing-eating vampires. For this year’s cover, we called up Lancaster artist Drew Nowacoski to create an epic zombie apocalypse scene, with each of our print editions receiving its own unique cover. Get a behind the scenes look at Drew’s process here.

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, we wanted to help you make the most of this entire week to, you know, get in the spooky spirit. While we’d like to suggest you dress in costume all week long, there are other ways to ramp things up and, well, keep your job.


#1 : Fly’s Halloween Playlist on Spotify

Put in the ear buds. Or, if you’re co-workers are cool with it, crank up the speakers. From classics like the “Monster Mash” to Shakira’s “She Wolf,” we’ve compiled a broad spectrum of Halloween-inspired tunes.


#2 : Write a (really, really short) Horror Story

We debuted our inaugural #Fly140 Tweetable Horror Story Project last month, and it started off strong. We’ll be blunt, though. Aside from Twitter user @siamesejesi – who has exhibited an uncanny ability to post a new, twisted tweet daily AND is currently in the midst of a 7-part series leading into Friday – the level of participation has quieted. Let the Halloween playlist inspire you and let’s see how succinctly disturbed your psyche can be…


#3 : Start planning your weekend

Each year, our October issue features an extensive roundup of what parties are going down where. From costume contests to every seasonal beer you can imagine the scariest thing you’ll face this Halloween is deciding where to start. Check it out and start your planning.


#4 : Hit up a scare park

There’s no shortage of haunted attractions here in Central PA, so if you fancy yourself the type that likes to pay people to scare the living bajeebus out of you, this is the week to do it. Haunted hayrides, ghost tours and more are all just waiting for you. Enter if you dare.


#5 : Watch Tim Curry sing this Internet gem repeatedly

And we mean repeatedly. We certainly do. And we have for the last half a decade. While most Halloween enthusiasts think The Rocky Horror Picture Show when they hear Tim Curry’s name this time of year, we confidently raise you one The Worst Witch – the 1986-released Harry Potter precursor that you’ve likely never heard of. We actually requested an interview with Curry to talk about this song and this song alone, but alas, his probably-well-paid manager shielded him from us. Our intentions were on the up-and-up, though. We just wanted to know about the gremlins, and, like, if the cassettes west of Idaho were safe.


How are you preparing for Halloween? Tell us below, or tweet us at #FlyHalloween.


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