Check out 50 years of celebrity photography at the Demuth Museum

In one way or another, the cult of personality affects us all. Even if it’s something as minuscule as catching a glimpse of an InTouch while you’re slogging through the grocery store line, it’s now an inevitability of life, in some regards. This wasn’t always the case, though. Celebrities and debutantes of yore held an air about them that screamed “important!” but the cycle really caught up with them via the modern advent of paparazzi, glossy gossip magazines/websites and reality TV. For Gary Boas, they were always important, though he didn’t always know why.

Since picking up his camera to photograph a Miss Universe contestant in 1966, Boas had managed to get snaps of five decades of Hollywood royalty, several lifetimes in pop culture time. An exhibit titled “Fifty Years Straddling the Velvet Rope: The Photography of Gary Lee Boas” opens today at the Demuth Museum at 5 p.m. The exhibit, which features over 1,000 images, stretches from Robert Goulet to James Franco, Julie Christie to Jennifer Lopez. As Boas told LNP, “I never talked to them about the movies because I wasn’t a film buff. I just talked to them like a person.”

The exhibit will be open until November 27. Admission by donation.

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