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Fly's guide to Halloween parties in Lancaster.


Though presumably not a hostile takeover, come celebrate the great work done by Music For Everyone at Tellus360 on Thursday.


Within the first ten minutes, you'll know for sure whether you love or loathe "Chopping Mall." If you're the right kind of person, it will be the former.


Of all of the "31 for 31" films thus far, no film has accomplished the high wire act of horror and (un)intentional comedy better than 1979's "Tourist Trap."


If you're going to the Chameleon Club tonight (which you should), be prepared to face the combined musical fury of Drug Church, Spill and Chalmers.


John Stewart and Maggie Shetz are just your average every day pair of neighborhood psychics.


The monstrous hip-hop duo Run the Jewels has been steadily creating bangers for the last four years, and they just added a new song to the canon.


"I Walked With a Zombie" features zombies far different than the likes of "The Walking Dead" but still delivers on atmospheric scares.


There are arguably no bigger cult institutions than "Rocky Horror Picture Show." On Friday this author got his first taste of the midnight experience.


Listen to Kraftwerk's "Europe Endless." It's not really endless. It's only 10 minutes.

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