Central Markets: Where communities gather, eat & play

Photographer: Steve Kale / FLY

If the walls of Central PA’s historic central markets could talk, they’d tell you about the history of local food


It’s growing season here in Central PA, a region that’s long been touted for possessing some of the most fertile soil in the country. And for as long as local farmers, food producers and growers have been cultivating their wares, many a market has served as the gathering place for the surrounding community to purchase them.

With summer fast approaching, we’re taking a look at three of the region’s long-standing central markets: midtown Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market, downtown Lancaster’s Central Market and downtown York’s Central Market. Together, the three market house institutions boast a combined 560 years of operation; each has over a century under its belt. And while the markets have developed unique identities in that time, one common through line permeates all three: a consistent dedication to making fresh produce, delicious made-to-order meals, refreshing drinks and a hefty dose of community available three or four days a week.

Click the images below to read more about the history behind each central market.

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