Celebrating Star Wars Day, May the Fourth

Star Wars fans don’t really need a holiday. “Nerd culture” has largely taken over popular culture in terms of popularity, which is mostly why Marvel box offices hover around $1 billion regularly and ESPN “30 For 30” documentaries aren’t shown in theaters. At this point, everybody is a Star Wars fan. And if they aren’t, it’s just because they’ve been turned off from 30+ years of hype. It’s an interesting time to be a fan, though. We survived the hype of “The Force Awakens,” and barely had time to take another breath before we were hit with the trailer for “Rogue One,” coming later this year.

Even though the nearly-unprecedented yearlong anticipation for “The Force Awakens” was ultimately satisfying, it’s hard to fight the feeling that we’ll always be waiting for the next thing once the last thing passes. That’s how life goes, unfortunately, but with Star Wars, we were never promised anything more than those first two trilogies. Sure, George Lucas said in interviews that he always envisioned nine movies, but this is the same guy who entrusted his brain child to dozens of authors creating material known as the “Expanded Universe” for decades, only for it all to be thrown away once the Mouse got its hands on the copyright.

As far as fandoms go, Star Wars is still largely unprecedented in modern culture (except for that other “Star” related universe). For that reason alone, May 4th is a worthy addition to our cadre of moderately meaningless non-holidays. After all, we still actively celebrate Columbus Day, people. As far as how you want to celebrate, we’ve got a couple suggestions below:


-Re-read our Star Wars stories from the past, ranging from our interview with man-behind the-mask David Prowse to a look at the ill-fated (but hilarious) Star Wars Christmas Special. If that wasn’t enough, we also talked to hardcore fans of the series parlaying their own hobbies into a further appreciation of the series. Carson Slovak of the band Galactic Empire shared a look into his amazing metal tribute to Star Wars, and local 501st Legion captain Mike Bryan walked us through making replica costumes for cosplay and beyond.

The Comic Store in Lancaster is offering 20% off of any Star Wars comic, graphic novel or action figure all day.

-Steam is currently featuring a huge sale on classic Star Wars games ranging from the classic “X-Wing” series to “Knights of the Old Republic” to “Star Wars: Battlefront.” Find the sale here.

-The Lancaster Barnes & Noble is hosting a Star Wars game night at 7 p.m. tonight featuring the “X-Wing” miniatures game.

-If you were one of the lucky ones to nab a ticket, John Williams will be conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra tonight at the Kimmel Center. I, for one, can not wait to hear his scores from “The Book Thief” and “Memoirs of a Geisha.”

-If you’re in the Philadelphia region already for Mr. Williams, you might as well stop at Iron Hill Brewing Company as they celebrate the release of four Star Wars-influenced beers today from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Get more info on that here.

-Finally, “The Force Awakens” was added to On Demand services today, and truthfully, there is no better way to celebrate Star Wars than by actually watching it again. And again.



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