Celebrate the life of Sam Cooke for his 85th birthday

Sam Cooke¬†has been dead for longer than he was alive, but his importance in popular music hasn’t diminished a single iota.

Danceable hits like “Shake” and “Twistin’ the Night Away” can still unite generations on a dance floor, while a monumentally important song like “A Change Is Gonna Come” is still poignant to this day. His legacy as a titan of soul music was secured before his passing at age 33, and rightfully so.

Cooke’s voice was his greatest instrument, so it’s only right to listen to the songs he used it best on. Listen below to Fly’s carefully-selected playlist, and don’t be afraid to sing along loudly.

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Kevin Stairiker is a features writer for Fly. He is a graduate of Temple University and enjoys writing in third person. When he isn't writing, he's probably playing guitar for a litany of bands, reading comics or providing well-needed muscle at The Double Deuce.

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