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Pennsylvania was not looking especially good 239 years ago. Then-U.S. capital Philadelphia was under a constant siege by British forces. By the time the Battle of Brandywine came around, Gen. George Washington had to retreat in order to save the manpower as British forces traipsed into the City of Brotherly Love on September 26. With little time to think, Gen. Washington and his crew schlepped the 60 miles to little old Lancaster. What would take an hour and a half now was roughly a full 24 hours to travel back then. Unfortunately, this was not to last. Even after putting 60 miles between them, the incoming British forced U.S. forces to York, where they would stay for almost a year.

So yes, for one shining moment, we were the capital of this young country. Be proud in the fact that we are basically the David Rice Atchison of these United States.

To celebrate our fledgling history, join in on the annual celebration at Tellus360, which begins at 4 p.m. at the Visitor Center. Along with a photography exhibit dedicated to the lovely Lanc, Wacker Brewing Company will be on hand with their special one day only Capital Day Cream Ale. Afterwards, the ceremonial (?) march to Mayor Grey’s house will begin, followed by an official after party at Tellus360 with music by Slimfit. Tickets are $5 and the history is free, fellow patriots.Find out more information on the Capital Day celebrations here.

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