Celebrate the 78th anniversary of Eddie Cochran's life

In the annals of early rock and roll, there’s a lot of obvious names. Little Richard. Chuck Berry. Buddy Holly. These are names that transcend the music that they made, in most cases. But with benchmarks that large, other names can fall through the cracks completely.

Today would have been Eddie Cochran’s 78th birthday. Had he survived to today, his music would probably be held in nearly as high of an esteem. Cochran died at the absurdly young age of 21 due to a taxi ride gone awry. Though Cochran’s entire discography could fit on a single disc, you can still feel the energy and thunder of the recordings over half a century later. Artists from Rush to the White Stripes to the Beatles have paid tribute to the man since his passing.

In tribute, check out our Spotify playlist of Cochran’s greatest hits along with some choice covers.


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