Carly Rae Jepsen to release more 'Emotion'

I have a hot-take music theory: Carly Rae Jepson is gunning to be this generation’s Alex Chilton.

Stay with me on this.

Much like Chilton, Jepsen burst on the scene with an out of nowhere pop juggernaut (the “Call Me Maybe” to The Box Tops’ “The Letter.”). Chilton went looking for pop perfection and found it in Memphis, Tennessee as part of Big Star. Just like the first two Big Star albums were soaked with honest-to-goodness pop genius that absolutely failed to find a big audience anywhere, so is Jepsen’s “Emotion” album. Last year when Fly made a “Best of 2015” list, I was roundly mocked in the office for including “Emotion,” despite how crisp the production is, how smart the songwriting is and just how much of a damn groove that saxophone is that starts the album off. To the Player Hater’s Ball now convening outside the Fly offices I say: whatever!

Thankfully for the good of humanity, Jepsen just announced that she’ll be releasing “Emotion: Side B,” this Friday, August 26. A tracklisting hasn’t been announced yet, but it will presumably include some of the Japan-only tracks, leaked songs nixed from the album and other assorted new music. Ideally, Jepsen’s unfortunate cover of the “Full House” theme will not be included. Maybe much like Usher’s “Confessions” received a new flush of hype when it was re-released a year later with “My Boo” attached, so to can Carly Rae Jepsen achieve the uber pop fame that songs like “Run Away With Me” and “Boy Problems” should have guaranteed.

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