Bruce Springsteen is coming to the Philly Free Library

Look, normally we wouldn’t be reporting on goings on in Philadelphia because if you haven’t noticed the changes, we’re all in on Lancaster County. However, this is big enough news that it might be worth your while to gas up the car and drive on down that lonesome highway to Philly.

The Boss is coming back to Philadelphia.

“But wait,” you’re saying. “Wasn’t he just in Philly?”

To that I say, yes, he just played two shows, including one that is now considered his longest ever, last week. But this is different, folks.

To celebrate his upcoming memoir, “Born to Run,” Bruce Springsteen, the Boss, BROOOOOSE, President of New Jersey, main sponsor of every long stretch of highway on the East Coast, will be making an incredibly rare “meet and greet” appearance at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Tickets go on sale this Friday for the Thursday, September 29 event. The $33 ticket includes a copy of the book. To put this into perspective, you could have payed a cool $1,000 to get pretty good seats to see Springsteen in Philly last week, and you can potentially meet the man for $33. Find out more here¬†and work on your Bruce impression below.


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