Beertography: Iron Hill Brewery's Instagram contest for the holiday weekend

Do the hashtags #beertography, #craftbeer or #beerporn auto-complete on your Instagram by now? If so, you’re not alone – for as much as we all like to drink the sudsy stuff, there’s a large community of art-inspired folks that like to photograph it as well.

And if you count yourself among said community, we’d like to draw your attention to a photo contest Iron Hill Brewery is hosting over the holiday weekend. The subject? It’s snazzy new canned batch of Mahalo, Apollo special summer ale. The prize? A $100 gift card to Iron Hill. All’s you have to do is snap a photo of Mahalo wherever you find yourself relaxing over the weekend – picnics, beach houses, sand castles, surf boards, tree houses, gardens, balanced atop one of those foam pool noodle things are all fair game.


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