Beers of the Month: Three beers for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where you need a survival guide. You have to follow up the biggest drinking night of the year with a day-long marathon of heavy food, sports on TV (and in the backyard, depending on your family) and all sorts of potential drama with relatives you see only a couple times a year. Already feel like you need a drink? Never fear, here are some suggestions for beers that pair perfectly with Turkey Day.

Iron Hill’s White Iron Wit

Turkey takes FOREVER to cook, right? So you’ll need something to keep the guests lubricated while the bird’s getting baked. Something light in flavor (so your palate isn’t killed for the day) and low-alcohol, so you can keep drinking until the food’s ready. I’ll suggest popping over to Iron Hill for a growler of their White Iron Wit. It’s a nice, light Belgian-style witbier with notes of orange peel and coriander (and, if you opt for the Witberry version, a touch of raspberry). Perfect for starting a long day.

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

For the main course, you’ll need to pair something with turkey. Which, let’s face it, is not a bold flavor. I’ll suggest a good brown ale – the English style, not the hoppier American version. Why not go with the benchmark? That would be the famous Samuel Smith’s, renowned the world over as the perfect example of the style. The malty flavors of this ale will fit perfectly with the mild turkey – especially the fattier dark meat – as well as the buttery, rich mashed potatoes.

Avery’s Mephistopheles

After dinner, you’re facing down a big slice of spicy, sweet pumpkin pie. What you need here is a rich, roasty imperial stout. And as you might be pretty tired of hearing Uncle Joe’s crazy stories for the 35th time, let’s make it an extra-strong one. Mephistopheles weighs in at a clobbering 16.8 percent ABV – its powerful flavors will help cut the spice-rack onslaught, and its powerful booziness will help you forget all about crazy Uncle Joe. Happy Thanksgiving!


What are some of your favorite craft beers that you’d like to see as a Beer of the Month?



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