Beers of the Month: Southern Tier Pumking & Warlock

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If you know anything at all about pumpkin beers, you know about Pumking. The fall flagship from New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company is routinely rated as one of the best of the innumerable pumpkin ales that flood bar menus and bottle shop shelves as early as August. And, unless you’re one of those people who believe that all pumpkin beers taste like you’re sucking on a Yankee Candle, you’ll like Pumking. This year’s version is as solid as ever, and it’s available pretty much anywhere pumpkin beers are sold. But if you’re willing to look around a bit, there’s another autumn option from Southern Tier.


Introduced just last year, Warlock is ST’s “alternative” pumpkin beer. It’s part of the brewery’s Blackwater Series, which features high-gravity beers. Though it doesn’t seem to be quite as widely available as Pumking, you can still find it at plenty of places across Central PA. For my money, it’s a far better beer. Warlock is an imperial stout, and combines those rich, roasty stout flavors with a hint of pumpkin and fall spice for a fantastic taste profile. But you know what? You can still go one better.


Get yourself one bottle each of Pumking and Warlock – or, if you’re lucky, find a place that has both on tap – and pour yourself a 50/50 blend of the two. They’re the same ABV (both clock in at 8.6%), and each brings its own flavors to the mix, resulting in an end that’s far more than merely the sum of its parts. The Internet tells me this unholy concoction is known by the name “WarKing,” but I’m pushing for the more amusing “PumLock.” Whatever you decide to call it, you’ll love the taste.


Do you pumpkin? Which is your favorite? Tell us below.


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Comments (2)

  1. PumKing is fine, though not my favorite imperial pumpkin, and I do prefer the dark, roasty flavor of Warlock, but….
    ….your suggestion of the “WarKing” was intriguing. And the result was phenomenal: like an autumnal black and tan. Thanks for the awesome suggestion!

    • Mike McMonagle
      Michael McMonagle  |  

      Chris – I had a WarKing last night as well. The “autumnal black and tan” description is spot on. Which reminds me – ask for a pumpkin beer and Guinness sometime. I spotlighted Dogfish Head’s Punkin a few years back and called the mix-up a Black and Orange. ‘Twas tasty!

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