Beers of the Month: Music edition

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There’s a common theme to our August print issue: music. We worked to weave a bit of music into as many of our regular features as possible, from the kitchen (i.e. our new Choice Cuts column, wherein local chefs and industry workers dish on their favorite music) all the way to the barroom (i.e. our Beers of the Month, which all feature a musical reference)…

South County’s Black Cowgirl

For the first track on this liquid playlist, let’s keep it local. Black Cowgirl is a fantastic black double IPA from South County Brewing Co. in Fawn Grove. Weighing in at 8 percent ABV and made with rich roasted malts and heaps of hops, Black Cowgirl is a dark and powerful brew – a description that fits nicely with its namesake band. The Lancaster-based heavy rockers helped South County create this concoction, and the results of their collaboration are well worth seeking out.

Dogfish Head’s American Beauty

OK, despite the reaction I may get from certain fellow members of Team Fly, I really don’t like the Grateful Dead. At all. But I love Dogfish Head – especially their series of beers honoring musicians ranging from Robert Johnson to Miles Davis to Deltron 3030. This series is almost always excellent, and American Beauty is no exception. Made with a special ingredient chosen through a survey of Deadheads (granola, NOT weed, thanks), it’s a high-alcohol (9 percent) ale that doesn’t pack the hop intensity you might expect, but rather has a nicely-balanced, grainy sweetness.

Iron Maiden’s Trooper

I’ve always had a soft spot for Iron Maiden – even long after the metalhead I was in middle school grew into a guy with more varied taste – thus, an Iron Maiden beer was a must-try. The bottle art features Maiden mascot Eddie in all his psychotic undead glory, so you might expect Trooper to be an aggressive brew. Nope. Trooper is quintessentially British (and frontman Bruce Dickinson is a staunch supporter of the UK’s Real Ale movement), so this is a lovely, traditional ESB from Robinsons Brewing Co. Low alcohol, mild hops, nice malt balance – very civilized; very English.


What’s your favorite music-inspired brew? Tell us below!


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