Ask Fly After 5: Send us your after-work Qs

We’re the experts on Lancaster after 5 p.m. Not sure about something going on in the county? Your night is safe with us.

Q: What is Ask Fly After 5?
A: It’s a way for Fly After 5 to answer all your fun-time questions. Each person on our staff is an expert in a field related to what you’re looking to do after work; arts and culture, food and drink and music. We’re available all the time, and answer fast!

Q: How do I ask a question?
A: In any way that works for you! You can message us on Facebook, call us at the office, tweet at us, text us, send a carrier pigeon, send an email or send snail mail.



Q: Who will answer my questions?
A: The experts mentioned above are

Kevin Stairiker: A huge music nerd who loves to talk about it. Ask him questions about concerts coming up, what bands you’ll like, which venues are for you or who’s playing right now. (Sample Q: Is there a cover to get into this show?)




Mike Andrelczyk: Your guide to arts and culture in Lancaster. Which galleries are doing fun things for First Friday? Which movies are playing at Zoetropolis this week? Where can you find an open mic night? Mike knows all. (Sample Q: Which art exhibit should I see tonight?)




Blayne Waterloo: She likes food and booze just as much as you do, and she wants to help you make the right choice. Not sure what quinoa tastes like? Looking for a great burger place in Elizabethtown? Need the drink specials at a certain bar? She’ll help you out. (Sample Q: Does Root have food for carnivores, too?)




Jed Reinert: All craft beer everything. Whether you need help deciding what to drink next, finding a brewery near you or understanding what “skunky” means, Jed’s been there, done that and knows what’s best. (Sample Q: Which craft brews should I pick up from the distributor tonight?)


Twitter: @loomingdoom
Call: 717-690-9547

Twitter: @mikeandrelczyk
Call: 717-690-9546

Twitter: @thisisblayne
Call: 717-690-9525

Twitter: @jedreinert
Call: 717-481-6195

Not sure who you gonna call? Email Fly After 5’s general account, or call 717-293-9772.

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  1. Yeah it’s the guy right around the corner in Advertising, but I have a legit question now that it has turned 5:00 on Friday. What do you guys know (if anything) about spaghetti tacos? We love to come up with new taco ideas over here, but the spaghetti taco has us a bit stumped. Is a deconstructed taco on noodles the best option? Or something like spaghetti noodles and meatballs with the taco fixings in a hard shell. I just ate a mac n cheese taco I created two night ago cause I was bored and it was great! Any opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated…

    • Blayne Waterloo
      Blayne Waterloo  |  

      Mark, this is a solid idea, and I commend your creativity. I’d recommend going full on spaghetti fixings in a taco shell (I’m thinking hard shell), with some mixed Cheddar on top. Of course, you could go the Parmesan route, but I think the mixed Cheddar ties in the Mex-Italy flavor better. Good luck!

      • Yeah I agree. I believe the best route is the spaghetti fixing in a shell. I love the mixed cheddar idea and perhaps even going all out with a bit of sour cream. Who knows at some point it may migrate into a spaghetti burrito or quesadilla. I think the best part will be trying all the ways to make it happen! Thanks for the input!

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