After release of 'Pablo,' Kanye West may be imploding

Is it just us, or is Yeezy going crazy? At least, more than usual.

After changing the title of his latest album The Life of Pablo, like, 18 times, beefing with Wiz Khalifa on Twitter and releasing lyrics TSwift would not approve of, Kanye West continued the insanity by haranguing Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg to invest in “Kanye West ideas” via Twitter. Not Facebook, but Twitter.

West continued to reveal – what we can only assume to be facts – that he is over $50 million in personal debt, and needs help rebounding.

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  1. Help Kayne? How about people than cannot afford to house themselves through no fault of their own. People that will never know what it is like to have $1,000 at one time let alone $53 million. This is so ridiculous, Mr. West should be ashamed of himself and as for Kim K, I knew she was aloof and an elitist but really?

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