A special shout out from Maceo Parker

Photographer: courtesy of maceoparker.com

Last month I got a chance to talk to Maceo Parker – a true legend of funk and jazz music. Talking with Maceo was awesome. He had some great stories and was a genuinely nice guy. You should totally read the interview. One thing that was really cool was the fact that he had a local connection. He ended our interview by giving a special shout out to a dear friend of his:

Harold Jordan – when I first left my little home city and went to college in Greensboro, North Carolina – he was my ROTC Sergeant. Gung-ho too, like spit and polish, blood and guts, all that stuff. I mean for real, 82nd Airborne paratrooper. He was a drummer. I played in his little gig band just to make a little extra money. [He used to] let me have his car. I’d go over and get my little girlfriends from the all-girls school, and ride ‘em around and buy ‘em French fries and stuff. And anytime I wanted to borrow the car it was cool. He lives in Lancaster, and I’m still in touch with him. If you can say something like, the show is dedicated to him or just whatever. He always comes to mind whenever I play Lancaster. He’s been cool my whole career. He recognized something in me. He’s been like a mentor, or like a second father-figure and big brother like all my life.

Maceo Parker performs at the Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival on Friday, February 26 at 10 p.m.-12 a.m. at the Convention Center (25 S. Queen St., Lancaster).

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