5 movies to rent from Redbox this weekend

Settle in for a winter storm resulting in snow about as tall as your three year old this weekend, and look into renting some movies from Redbox that will keep that three year old and yourself entertained through this Shining-like weather.

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Posted by Redbox on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Here’s what’s popular in Central PA:

Hotel Transylvania 2: Because who can say no to an Adam Sandler movie in which you see none of his face, and all the cute monsters?

Ted 2: Because B-rated stoner movies are good enough in desperate times.

Sicario: Because Benicio del Toro is everything you’ve ever wanted in a revenge-driven madman in the war on drugs.

Vacation: Because you know you’ve been wondering how Chevy Chase is still alive.

The Walk: Because after a couple drinks, you’ll be convinced this guy’s Superman.

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