International Whisky Day: 5 barrel-aged reads

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Michael Jackson International Whisky DayToday, March 27, marks the observance of a maybe not-so-well-known boozy holiday: International Whisky Day. According to the official website, the March 27 date was elected in memoriam of the birthday of Michael Jackson – not the singer, but the influential English whisky and beer writer who died in 2007 as a result of his decade-long fight with Parkinson’s disease. (Read his obituary in The Guardian.) So as many whisk(ey) drinkers and aficionados today wax poetical about the barrel-aged – or, if you prefer, unaged – libation, International Whisky Day also invites you to make a donation to Parkinson’s UK, or to your favorite Parkinson’s disease charity.

Once you’ve made your contribution, we suggest you pour yourself a nice Scotch, bourbon or whatever it is that’s in your decanter – maybe light up a cigar – and relax with one (or all) of these whiskey-related reads from the Fly Magazine archives and around the internet.


1) Q&A with author Lew Bryson

As the managing editor of Whisky Advocate magazine and author of the recently published comprehensive guide to all things whiskey Tasting Whiskey: An Insider’s Guide to the Unique Pleasures of the World’s Finest Spirits, Lew Bryson is a man who knows his booze. For our January 2015 issue – Fly’s debut Whiskey Edition – we chatted with Bryson about the book and his long career in the wild world of craft beer and whiskey. This Q&A only scratches the surface on Lew’s knowledge; you’ll want to get that book.

2) Lew Bryson: A toast to Michael Jackson

One whiskey expert raises a glass to another. Posted today at, Bryson reflects on Michael Jackson’s legacy as one of the great whiskey writers of our time.

3) Whiskey by the Glass: A look at the long-standing, underrated & under-the-radar Central PA whiskey bars

When you want to find a bar with a stellar whiskey selection, ask an expert. Better yet, ask someone who travels an average of 35,000 miles a year in their car selling whiskey and other spirits, has been in upwards of 500 different bars throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and is a self-described “Laphroaig fanatic.” That’s what we did as we searched across the region for some of the best places to relax with an 18-year neat, well-crafted Manhattan and everything in between. Click here to see our lists for York, Harrisburg and Lancaster.

4) Exclusive Whiskysponge Interview With Whisky

We don’t know how they did, but dammit they did. The folks at Whiskysponge wrangled the spirit itself into sitting down to chat. Talk about an exclusive…

5) Whiskeypedia: A tipsy trip through the history of our favorite spirit

Call it whiskey, whisky, Scotch, bourbon or the water of life – we love the brown stuff. And apparently so did (most) everyone else in the last 600 years. Whiskey runs through the veins of history; whether the subject is economics, politics, music or comedy, whiskey will be found right in the middle of the action. Check out Whiskeypedia, our timeline full of fun facts, local history and important dates.



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