22 people who can't handle fall

As either one complaining coworker or overly excited person with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand may have informed you, today is the first day of fall.

And obviously, the sky is falling.

It seems that with each changing of the seasons there are those who, no matter what age or walk of life, have never experienced weather or seasonal customs before.

You know who I’m talking about. Tammy, 30, who thinks that, magically, because it’s a certain day in the month which indicates a specific equinox, she should wear that cute pea coat and leather boots in 85-degree weather.

Or Phil, who, at 56 years old, still says, “Pretty chilly this morning, huh? Where’d that come from?”

And then we have the middle-class 20-somethings, who are drinking hot flavored coffee beverages, sweating their little bodies away and posting their drink over their sandal-clad feet on social media with a tiny leaf emoji next to the caption, “fall, lulz.”

But, if it’s not one of the above creatures, it’s one of these poor souls. Bless them.

1. This person, who didn’t hear that pumpkins are a mild diuretic, and should be eaten in moderation.

2. Or this one, who gets fall confused with the NHL playoffs.


3. This guy, who needs help, stat.

4. These people, who can’t just appreciate the small things in life, and ruin it for everyone.

5. Or this person, who’s in violation of HOA rules.

6. And Japan, who’s taking it too far.

7. This guy, who shouldn’t be in a field with all that lightning. Someone should check on him.

8. This lady, who’s new.


10. This person, who clearly doesn’t know that September and October are actually estranged spouses and going through a messy divorce. God, Kali, the gall.

11. Or this one, who has her priorities straight.

12. And this one just needs to hold their horses.

13. This scamp, who needs to cut back on their caffeine intake.

14. This guy’s back from the dead and pretty salty about that pie.

15. These jokers, who need an excuse to drink. Good one, guys.

16. Can someone tell this person it’s still September?

17. This guy, who’s probably pretty grumpy today.

18. This jabroni, who’s prejudiced against preseason games.

19. These sorry folks, who are only allowed out of their houses for five months out of the year.

20. This guy, who only feeds his family once a year. Eat up, kids.

21. These guys don’t know what fall means.

22. No, Kay. That’s not how this works. God.

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