2015: The year of healthy food substitutions

It’s that time of year. The scale is telling you that you’ve gained a few LB’s in the holiday season, and you are not arguing. From the ham dinner(s) to the cookies to the beers, you’ve eaten – and boozed – a lot. But if you’re like us, you’ve justified this increased intake with a mantra that may sound something like, “I’ll be better in January.”

Well, folks. January has cometh.

So, here’s the deal. Instead of swearing off good tasting, flavorful meals altogether, let’s find new and exciting ways to eat without tipping the scales (or boosting the cholesterol levels) in the process. You might be surprised how some simple substitutions in your diet can bring about some long-lasting improvements to your health (and figure).



Veggie Burgers > Fast Food Burgers

When done right, a veggie burger is better than a greasy fast food burger every time. Burgers made with black beans and Portobello mushrooms are excellent sources of low-fat protein.



Fish > Fried Chicken

Fish is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D and has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease.



Frozen Yogurt > Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt can be a healthy alternative to ice cream treats – that is, if you don’t fill your cup with candy treats like gummi bears and chocolate peanut butter cups. Stick with fresh fruit toppings like mango and strawberries.



Water or Cold-pressed Juice > Soda

Sodas like Coca-Cola can be used to clean the corrosion from your car battery, remove grease stains from your garage floor, shine pennies and even aid in removing gum from your hair. How? Because it has a pH level that’s uncomfortably close to that of battery acid. So, yeah, water is totally the way to go to keep your body hydrated and happy. Add in a fresh cold-pressed juice now and again to get an extra dose of nutrition.



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